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IBC containers are used in many industries and sectors. In order to use IBC containers optimally, you need the right accessories. As a specialist dealer for water technology, you can now purchase from us the matching caps, as well as innovative connection variants. From IBC S60x6 adapters to cattle troughs - with our accessories, you can stay flexible and expand your IBC tank landscape.
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IBC container accessories

Before you get to the planning of the appropriate accessories, you should inform yourself about the connection of his IBC container. Approximately 90% of all IBC containers use the S60x6 connection thread. The external thread of the IBC tank has a diameter of approx. 60mm and the distance between the thread ribs is approx. 6mm.

Can be used year-round in wind and weather

The high-quality materials in the IBC area are used in industry and also in private homes. They are ideal for the storage of liquids and can also be ideally transported by the pallet size.
No matter whether you want to use your IBC container in the garden or on your factory premises we offer the right connection parts for you. Order various adapters to cattle drinkers that are often used in agriculture on remote fields as water storage for livestock.