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Strong connection. Strong hold. Malleable Iron Fitting by GWT.

The word "alloying" originally comes from the Latin language and means in the translation as much as "connect" or "unite". You could hardly describe the basic idea of ​​a malleable iron fitting better. On the one hand, a malleable iron fitting is made of a carbon-iron compound, and on the other hand, in assembly technology you can use it as a connecting part. Whether for example in the sanitary area, in outdoor facilities or in mechanical engineering, the application possibilities of malleable cast iron fittings are as versatile as they are flexible. The further advantage: both for gas and water pipes, the connectors are suitable without problems.

The secret of annealing: This is how a malleable iron fitting gets the necessary robustness
Even in the name of the malleable iron fitting hides her special manufacturing process: the so-called tempering. In this manufacturing method, the raw material is heated for a long time, so that the advantageous properties of the connectors can fully unfold. The result: The finished malleable iron fitting is not only extremely robust and tensile, but also has a high resistance to corrosion and temperature. Take advantage of these properties without further ado. Your advantage: The connecting parts prove to be a long-lasting and reliable partner in all assembly projects.

Available in our online shop: Malleable cast iron fitting in various designs
A must when installing piping system is a high degree of flexibility. Anyone who makes directional changes or has to avoid obstacles naturally needs the right connectors - that's for sure. For this reason, there are numerous fittings in various versions in our shop. No matter if 90 ° or 45 ° elbows, sleeves, T-pieces, screwed connections and many other connecting parts, it will certainly be up to us who is looking for the right malleable iron fitting for the upcoming assembly project. It's always worth taking a look at the offer!

Items or bulk deliveries - you want. We deliver.
Nothing is more annoying than that: they are working hard on a construction - but suddenly find that an important connector is missing. In such a case, quick help does emergency. No need to worry: If you order individual parts from us, you will receive the desired goods within one to three working days.

You are a business customer or dealer and would like to order an extensive order? Then it takes two to five days for the malleable fitting to be yours. From an order value of 150 € accounts beyond all shipping costs. Our tip: Please ask specifically for special conditions for your bulk order! Because we are happy to make you an offer. All our order and contact information can be found on our website. We look forward to your inquiry.