Malleable Elbows 3/8 to 4 inches

Malleable Elbows 3/8 to 4 inches

Malleable cast iron angle in different variants

Our malleable iron angles are made from high quality raw material and are all tested to industry standard. There are different connection variants of angles made of malleable cast iron. You will find the following products here:

Angle # 90 - Angle # 90 Reduced - Angle # 92 - Angle # 120 - Angle # 121 as well as the angle distributor # 221 and the ceiling angle # 471

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Different angles - different solutions

We offer a large selection of different malleable cast iron angles. We do not have different sizes but also designs available.

Elbow No. 90 - This angle has a 90 degree angle and has an internal thread on both sides.
Elbow No. 90 Red. - This angle is also equipped with internal threads on both sides. However, this angle is a reduction angle. So he has two different sizes of internal thread. So this angle can be used to reduce your pipeline.
Elbow No 92 - This angle has a 90 degree angle. He has on one side an internal thread to the other an external thread.
Elbow Nr 120 - This 45 degree angle is equipped on both sides with internal thread.
Elbow No. 121 - Also a 45 degree angle, however, with internal thread x external thread.
Elbow distributor No. 221 - The angle distributor is a special angle. Unlike the others, this has 3 outlets, each with an internal thread. Ideal as a branch in your piping system made of malleable iron. This 3-fold angle can be installed particularly well in room corners.
Ceiling Elbow No. 471 - The ceiling angle is a 90 degree angle female thread x female thread. Furthermore, this angle has a back plate with three predrilled holes. These are intended for ceiling and wall mounting. Safe stop for your malleable iron fittings.