Malleable Bend 3/8 bis 4 Inch

Malleable Bend 3/8 bis 4 Inch

Malleable Bend in different variants

With pipelines it can happen that you have to "around the corner" must. Here we offer a large selection of malleable iron bows that you can use for your construction project. Bows have the advantage over angles that the arc was bent longer and with a larger radius than comparable angles. Thus, flow losses are minimized and the liquid can move without strong turbulence. You will find the following sheets in this category:

Sheet # 1 - sheet # 1a short - sheet # 2 - sheet # 2a short - sheet # 40 - sheet # 41 # over sheet # 85

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Bends made of malleable iron for more water flow

When constructing pipelines, one often needs the most varied offsets and contra-angles. You do not have to bend a pipe, but you can use our malleable iron bows. We offer these as usual in different sizes and designs. You will find these sheets on this product page:

Bend No. 1 - A Bend with a 90 degree angle and an internal thread and an external thread.
Bend No. 1a - This Bend is the short version of Sheet # 1. Ideal if you do not have so much space for installation.
Bend Nr 2 - This malleable iron fitting has an internal thread on both sides and is also a 90 degree angle.
Bend No. 2a - short version of sheet # 2, also with female thread x female thread.
Bend No. 40 - A 45 degree bow with internal thread x external thread.
Bend Nr 41 - This 45 degree bow made of malleable cast iron is equipped with a female thread on both sides
Overbend No. 85 - This is a special "bow" as it is intended to build a new pipe over an existing pipe. But also like to be used for alternative construction projects.