Malleable T-pieces 3/8 to 4 inches

Malleable T-pieces 3/8 to 4 inches

Malleable T-piece - Three ways for your pipeline

Our malleable T-piece no. 130 is a versatile component from our TG series. Equipped with three internal threads, you have the option to use this component, for example, as a branch or extraction point for your pipeline. In this category you will find the T-piece in normal design and also as a reduced version.

T-piece # 130 - T-piece # 130 reduced

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T-piece 90 degrees made of malleable cast iron - a good choice

Three internal threads, high quality material and precisely milled threads. All this is reflected in our T-piece of malleable iron again. As a drain for your pipeline, an outgoing line or as a withdrawal point with ball valve, this component is a true all-rounder.

You will find here various sizes and T pieces with finish Reduced. These are particularly interesting when pipelines are to be reduced to a smaller cross section.

T-piece No. 130 - Has precisely milled internal threads
T-piece No. 130 Red. Same construction as in the piece, but with one or more reduced outlets