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Stainless steel Valves
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Ball Valve Stainless Steel: Practical Search - Find Exclusive

The name "stainless steel" is no coincidence. After all, only steels count to the noble variety, if they have a particularly high purity content. The great thing about it: Thanks to the high-quality material, the practical stainless steel ball valve appears in a new light. Because elegance and functionality no longer have to be contradictions - instead, they combine in the ball valve with stainless steel. So, if you are not just insisting that the pipe system fulfills its purpose optimally, but also looks after the aesthetics and appealing look, then a stainless steel ball valve is the best choice.

Ball valve stainless steel: The classic among the fittings
Classically, the valves that are installed in a piping system include the stainless steel ball valve. Its main task: to regulate the water supply. How much water should flow into the pipe system, you decide using the ball valve stainless steel. A quarter turn is enough to open or close the water supply.

In addition, you can schedule each stainless steel ball valve in our online shop for your individual purposes, because of course they have a license to use drinking water. Rust protection included. We also gladly deliver your industrial grade ball valve to you. Whether in irrigation systems, in production plants or in food technology - the possible applications are manifold.

Open questions? We are happy to answer you!

Design work always means planning work. This begins with the choice of the right fittings: Which ball valve stainless steel is best for which purpose? How much pressure does it take? Which temperatures can be expected from the component? Expert knowledge is often the best solution. Our service therefore also includes advice that you are welcome to contact at any time. Our contact details can be found on our website. You can also use our contact form. Who leaves his phone number, we call back of course. Because hand on heart: Through a direct conversation, most of the problems clarify most quickly!

Ideal ball valve stainless steel found - this is how to order

No matter if you need an item for repair or a large amount of fittings: We are your partner. Simply place the desired number of your selected products in the virtual shopping cart and proceed to checkout. Small savings tip: From a value of 150 € we give you the shipping costs. You are also welcome to register with us as an official customer. Simply create an account - you'll always be up to date and the next orders are sent in no time. We look forward to receiving your inquiry!