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Save the Bee - SumSum the Bee Pasture

"Bees play a key role in preserving our ecosystem, but over the years, many of the world's bee populations have died, the main reason being probably humans." Source Nabu

All media report about bee mortality. We at GWT Versandhandel want to help the little helpers find more food again. Anyone who has a garden or a small green space, can join. The SumSum gyro is a way to quickly and easily create a bee pasture. Thanks to the Ecolat system, you can set up a bee buffet anywhere and easily.

SumSum the Bee Willow is available in 3 different sizes:

"The little willow" has a diameter of about 80cm
"The big willow" has a diameter of approx. 160cm
"Cockaigne" has a diameter of about 240cm
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Mjam the tastes!

So you can start right away, the set is all that you need to create a bee pasture.
You will receive from us the bed enclosure made by Eco-Oh, made of 100% recycled material, incl. Post & stainless steel screws to attach.

Then comes the Perennial Seed Mix "Bee Mix" from Sperli. That was not all! To make the bee pasture as ecological as possible, we add the green cubes.

What are Green Cubes?

The Green Cubes by the company Knauf are another contribution to the ecological use of resources in the garden.
The cubes of 3 types of stone have been produced without chemical additives and fulfill a valuable purpose:
Significant water savings through reduced water evaporation and infiltration. The watering frequency can be reduced by up to 50%.
A higher water storage in heavy rainfall, ie less local flooding and better protection against soil erosion
A healthier plant growth through better water supply and airier soil, as well as a higher intake of fertilizers
Do you have anymore questions? Then write us through our contact form or call us!

Otherwise, you will start contributing to the preservation of the bees today. We wish you much joy.