PVC Pressure Pipe Systems

Plastic pressure pipes

Plastic pressure pipes are often found in the areas of pool and swimming pool construction, aquariums, pond construction and garden irrigation. Our plastic pressure piping systems are available in PVC, PE, ABS and PP. These materials are characterized by their easy processing and low price. PVC fittings are preferably used in service, waste and rainwater.

Our PE pressure piping systems are not only suitable for your garden irrigation, but are also used in drinking water systems. Due to the fact that we only offer the highest quality and also pay attention to the DVGW drinking water certification in our PE fittings, PE fittings and PE pipes, they can be used for drinking water pipes thanks to their physiological safety.

Our product portfolio in the field of plastic pressure pipe systems Includes:
PVC fittings
PVC fittings
PVC pipe and hose
PE fittings PE fittings PE pipe Cleaner & Glue Tool for installation We offer all fittings, fittings, hoses and accessories in different variations and constantly expand our product range for you.