PE Fittings

PE Fittings

Versatile and insensitive: you can rely on PE fittings

Sometimes success begins in a moment of chance. Because originally the discovery of the plastic polyethylene - which today is an indispensable part of modern technology - was not intended at all. In the form of our high-quality PE fittings, you can take advantage of the outstanding properties of the material. The special feature: PE fittings are not only robust and reliable connecting parts, they also defy aggressive chemicals. Whether acids or alkalis. This allows PE fittings to be easily used in almost any design project.

No matter whether inside or outside your own four walls - PE fittings can withstand the weather

Especially in pipe systems, which are intended for the transport of drinking or service water, our PE fittings are used. Thanks to the optimum properties of the plastic, PE fittings can be used virtually anywhere: neither searing heat nor freezing cold damage the robust material. Even pressure can hardly affect the plastic, making it ideal for complex and extensive pipe constructions. Very practical: environmental influences such as solar radiation also defy the weatherproof and easy-care PE fittings. So if you want to renew the domestic garden irrigation, you can use the plastic connectors.

Large selection. Great possibilities. Thanks to the large number of PE fittings, even sophisticated constructions can be realized

No question: who designs a pipe system, must have a certain degree of flexibility. Be it as a fitter in the business or as a hobbyist in your own home. That's why a solid set of PE fittings is the ideal foundation for your creativity in the design field. In our shop you will therefore find a wide range of PE fittings for a variety of purposes. With our angles, you can avoid obstacles and make connections with tees. Best of all: All PE fittings on sale are DIN-standardized. In addition, they are also suitable as spare parts for already finished pipe systems. It can hardly be more flexible!

Long delivery times and miserable conditions? No indication at GWT!
Where spontaneity is needed, fast order terms are worth gold. Need a spare part quickly? Would you like to increase your offer at short notice? Then just get in touch with us! Within one to three working days you hold the ordered goods in your hands. Incidentally, the shipping costs do not exceed a value of 150 €. Please let us know if you want to order as a corporate customer. We are happy to make you a special offer in this case. All contact details can be found on our website. We are happily looking forward to hearing from you!