PE / PP tees in different connection variants

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PE T-piece clamp connector - female thread - male thread

PE / PP Tee Clamp x Clamp x Clamp

Our PE T-piece 90 degrees has three equally sized clamp couplings in each of which a PE pipe can be clamped. The PE tee is used when branches are planned in the piping system. In this type of tee, all tubes must have the same diameter.

PE / PP T-piece female thread

PE T-piece with internal thread. Our PE clamp connector as a T-piece 90 degrees with two opposite clamp couplings and a T-shaped internal thread. PP T-pieces with internal thread are ideal when a branch is to be created within a piping system where a threaded fitting is to be screwed.

PE / PP T-piece male thread

PE T-piece with external thread. This tee offers two clamping sleeves, as well as an external thread. With the PP T-piece with AG, the two clamp couplings face each other and the external thread lies separately. Here a threaded fitting can be screwed on. For sealing we recommend a Teflon tape from our product portfolio.

PE / PP Tee Reduced

PE clamping coupling as T-piece Reduced. Our PE clamping connector T-piece reduced is characterized by two opposite equal sized coupling, as well as a reduced coupling in T-arrangement. The PP T-piece reduced is the suitable fitting if you want to use a reduced branch and thus different pipe diameters within the pipe.