Crosspiece Stainless Steel with Female Thread

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Stainless steel cross piece with 4x female thread 


A strong cross for your pipe system  

In any existing water circuit you need branches to direct the water flow. 
Whenever you need a branch in any direction the cross piece is the right choice.
A drip-proof connection is guaranteed by the Withworth pipe thread. 
Use a suitable thread sealant such as PTFE thread sealant thread, Teflon tape or classic thread sealant hemp for this purpose.
Transfer to other materials such as PVC or brass is also possible without any problems. 

4 ways for your water 

you have, if you install the cross piece from the V4A stainless steel thread fitting series. The four internal threads of the V4A stainless steel component at 90 degree intervals guarantee an even flow distribution. So even in complex systems, you can assume that the same amount of fluid will arrive everywhere when the main flow passes through your component. 
The four way stainless steel manifold helps you extend horizontally as well as vertically your line. 

Technical Details: 

  • Stainless steel cross piece/ 4 way manifold 
  • AISI 316 V4A  
  • Dimensioned from ¼ inch to 2 inch 
  • Four times female thread