Caps and Plugs made of Stainless Steel for Plumbing

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Stainless steel caps and plugs / blind plugs cap/plugs

Here you will find our plugs and caps from the V4A stainless steel threaded fittings series.
If an end piece is needed for your pipeline, these components are just what you need.
The difference of these two closure parts is the thread.
So you can individually choose which component fits your situation best.
Stainless steel closing caps have an internal thread and stainless steel closing plugs have an external thread.
Our V4A stainless steel fittings are CNC machined to ensure a proper connection and seamless transition to other Withworth pipe threads.

For proper sealing of your pipeline - sealing cap - sealing plug

Stainless steel caps and plugs are installed whenever you need to add an end piece to your pipeline.
Some branches are no longer needed?
Screw the thread of the stainless steel components to the desired location of your pipeline to close.
Durable ASI/316 stainless steel components withstand heavy pressure and resist corrosion.

Technical Details:

  • Stainless steel caps and plugs
  • AISI 316 stainless steel
  • Connection type: internal and external thread
  • Withworth pipe thread