Brass Spring loaded foot valve

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Brass foot valve with suction strainer

Our brass threaded fittings series foot valve consists of a check valve system and a strainer. These two components are an unbeatable team for pre-filtering the water & retaining the water column of your well water. The brass foot valve with strainer is just the right component for your well project.
The body consists of a spring-loaded MS check valve to which a suction strainer with fine-mesh stainless steel is installed.
Dirt particles such as small stones or leaves are thus easily intercepted by the mesh strainer before they get into the water pipe.

Draining the well

Do you have a well or cistern and you're constantly running out of water in your plumbing system? If so, you probably don't have a brass foot valve integrated into your piping system yet!
Brass foot valves fulfill two functions at once. The practical suction strainer fulfills the pre-filter function and prevents foreign bodies from entering your pump. This can prevent damage from small stones or other suspended solids in the water before they happen!
The second function is the retention of the water column. By using the spring-loaded check valve system, we prevent the water column from flowing back when the pump is turned off and the pump sucks in air the next time it is started.
However, take into account when building the well that the connected suction line should not be longer than 9 meters. The suction height of many inexpensive pumps is even only up to 7m. In order to be able to connect the foot valve, you should order the appropriate connection parts at the same time. Alternatively, we also offer our ready-made well suction sets.

Foot valve with suction strainer - Versatile use

The fitting can be used in a variety of environments such as hot and cold water, heating, plumbing, tank and rainwater harvesting systems or garden irrigation.
You can also install The Foot Valve in areas with oil or compressed air. The MS component was manufactured within the EU and can be used between minus 20 and plus 80 °.
Remember to use a suitable thread sealant such as PTFE sealing tape, threaded hemp or Teflon tape for a drip-free connection.
The handling and assembly is very suitable especially for the do-it-yourselfer since no special tools are required.

Technical details:

  • Foot valve with suction strainer
  • Brass CW617N + V4A
  • Connection type: internal thread
  • Withworth pipe thread inch