PVC 3/3 Union Coupler for your pool piping

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PVC fitting for your pool piping.

When choosing your pool fittings, you can choose between detachable and adhesive connections.

For maintenance or cleaning purposes, place a detachable fitting to access your piping system after the fact without shutting it down.
Whenever you want to integrate a detachable connection into your existing piping system, you should think about the maintenance possibilities of it.
In large or small piping systems, it is often difficult to predict where blockages may form. 
With just two unions from the stainless steel threaded fitting series, you create the opportunity to make your piping system more visible.
The pipe installed between the fittings can be removed radially to detect contamination inside your piping. 

In the event of accumulated contamination inside the pipe, this allows you to react better to ensure the durability of your pipes. 

When installing this component, use the appropriate sealing material such as Teflon tape for a drip-proof connection.