PVC adhesive & cleaner

PVC adhesive & cleaner


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PVC adhesive and cleaner in different versions

Whether PVC-U, PVC-C, ABS or PVC Soft for every connection the right adhesive!
We offer a wide range of different PVC adhesives. Whenever PVC fittings or fittings are to be connected to PVC pipe, one has to think about the type of connection. For PVC, the product quality provides an adhesive bond. But PVC is not the same as PVC, there are big differences and not every glue can connect any kind of PVC.

We offer different possibilities for this. For example, our Fermitac PVC adhesive from Fermit is especially suitable for bonding PVC-U fittings and fittings with PVC pressure pipes. Especially in the construction of pool or swimming pool systems it often comes to the different types of PVC such as ABS hose nozzles and PVC pipe or white PVC must be interconnected. For this challenge, we now offer NEW the Fermitac HT Plus hybrid adhesive. Further product information can be found on the product page.

PVC glue assortment:
  • Fermitac PVC-U adhesive with practical brush
  • "NEW Fermitac HT Plus Hybrid Adhesive for PVC-U / C, ABS etc."
  • Cepex glue in the tube

Not only about gluing should be thought ...

Because at least as important as the adhesive connection is the cleaning of PVC fittings, fittings and pipes. We offer various manufacturers of PVC cleaners. The PVC cleaners not only have a cleaning function, but they also dissolve the surface of the PVC and thus allow better bonding. Therefore, our recommendation: Clean all areas that should be glued with a clean cloth and PVC cleaner. Only then is a permanent and dense connection possible.

PVC cleaner assortment:
  • Fermitac PVC cleaner
  • Griffon PVC cleaner
  • Cepex PVC cleaner