Joint bolt clamp W4

Joint bolt clamp W4 DIN EN 3017-3 (1.4301 material)

This particular type of hose clamps stands for a particularly secure and strong attachment of suction and pressure hoses, pipes. Even hoses with steel inserts are no obstacle for hinge pin clamps.

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GBS - hinge pin clamp for industry, craft and home

Due to the compact and sophisticated design of this clamp, it offers the possibility to provide a secure hold even in confined spaces. Unlike normal hose clamps, the hinge pin clamp is tightened with a threaded bolt. It offers an external hexagon which can be tightened with an open-end wrench or other tool.

Another argument for this type of hose clamp is the rounded edge of the hinge pin clamp. This prevents cutting into the hose and thus prevents breakage.

In order to meet the requirements of the industry and the craft, we offer you only goods from European suppliers. The hinge pin clamps were manufactured according to DIN EN 3017-3 and comply with common standards.

They are made of chrome nickel steel grade 1.4301 (or similar steel) also known as V2A. The classification W4 indicates that these clamps have withstood at least 240 hours without corrosion in the salt spray test. Thus, this product has the highest requirements for corrosion resistance and product design.

What to pay attention to?

When selecting the appropriate GBS, make sure that you select the appropriate clamping range. The specification of the hose and tube thicknesses of our products is partly indicated as inner diameter, partly as outer diameter. For inner diameters (hoses) you must therefore calculate: inner diameter + 2x wall thickness to determine the appropriate clamping range.
If you do not know which clamping area you need, please contact us directly - we are happy to help.

Applications of hinge bolt clamps W4

This type of hose clamps or multi-purpose clamps is a very universally applicable product. The range of industries ranges from heating / sanitation, horticulture, water supply and sanitation to application areas in the automotive industry, securing hydraulic and pneumatic hoses, as well as the food industry.
Also for the outdoor area our product is exactly the right one. Thanks to the high-quality steel, you do not have to worry about corrosion. So your connections are well secured outside.
We offer these clamps W4, if you have a greater need for W5 GBS, so please contact us directly. We are happy to make you an offer.
Technical details at a glance:
  • Joint bolt clamp clamping ranges 17mm - 252mm
  • High quality chrome nickel steel 1.4301
  • W4 - Corrosion resistance after salt water spray test at least 240 hours
  • External hexagon
  • Rounded hose bridge
  • Very high tensile strength
  • Uniform clamping force