Brass tank feed-through

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Brass Tank Bushing

Our brass tank bushing Made in EU is made of the high-quality raw material brass CW61N and can also be used in the drinking water sector.
 Unlike conventional suppliers, we provide you with all the parts you need to get started with your project.
For this reason, you get the matching seal set consisting of an EPDM rubber ring and a PEHD sealing ring.

The brass tank bushing consists of a body with a smooth passage inside and has a thread on the outside. 
In addition, the set includes a union nut and the associated seals.
The body of the tank bushing is equipped with an external hexagon to mount it with the help of an open-end wrench.
The best comes at the end - the assembly is very easy.
Simply tighten the brass locknut and it seals all components and provides a reliable seal on both sides.

Too much water and not enough container? 

Reach for our reliable brass threaded fitting series rain barrel bushing.
Hot and dry summers show us the importance of rainwater. 
Because droughts are getting longer and longer, it also pays to store more water.
So, if you want to expand your existing tanks for collecting rainwater, you should plan a tank grommet for each additional water tank.

Overflow or equalization - two ways to use it:

  • Install the tank bushing at the top of the tank, build yourself an overflow system. Here, the tanks fill one after the other.
  • Install the tank bushing at the bottom of the tank, build a tank equalization system. Here all tanks fill at the same time.

With the pipe through the wall

If you have a thin wall, you can also use the brass feed-through to lead your water pipe through the masonry.
This technique is used, for example, if you want to place a water tap with a ball valve on your house wall.

Technical details:
Brass tank bushing AG
Product: Brass tank bushing
Type: External thread
Brass CW61N
Made in EU
Pressure rating PN16