Socket Nipples - Brass Thread Fittings Industry Series

Brass threaded fittings - socket nipple Reduces male thread x female thread

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Whether in heating and sanitary engineering, in industry or in your home when selecting suitable threaded fittings for pipeline construction, it depends on the quality. That is why, as a specialist wholesaler, we rely exclusively on manufacturers from Europe.

The brass socket nipple has an external thread and an internal thread. When dimensioning socket nipples you will find two sizes - the smaller of the two indicates the outside diameter and the larger of the two the inside diameter. So you can use this component to reduce or enlarge the size of your pipeline. The thread type is also changed from internal thread to external thread or vice versa. This threaded fitting is mainly used in sanitary engineering, but is also often used to screw pipes of different sizes.

The external thread is already roughened for you so that you do not have to do any additional work when you later seal with hemp or Teflon tape. The precisely milled CNC threads make installation easier for you. For the longevity of brass threaded fittings, it is not only the selection of the raw material that is decisive, but also the specialist expertise of the manufacturer. You can safely use our threaded fittings made of brass in heating construction and in domestic water technology. As Germany's premium partner of SOBIME SA, we can offer you industrial quality at an affordable price.

As with all of our threaded fittings, the brass socket nipple is also equipped with a Withworth pipe thread, which means that you must use a sealant such as Teflon tape, hemp or PTFE thread sealing thread. You can find these in our sealant category. You can get the hexagon screw connection from us in many different sizes, we offer you a wide range from half an inch to an inch and a half. Further information on the product can be found directly on the product page.