Stainless steel fittings

Stainless steel fittings
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Stainless Steel Threaded Fitting V4A Fitting NIROSTA Fittings - Durable and low-cost connections for piping systems

Stainless steel fittings are an indispensable part of piping systems, especially in industrial engineering, plumbing and heating. The robust properties of the stainless steel give the overall system a good seal and a high tolerance against temperature fluctuations and internal or external pressure.

Technical features and characteristics of threaded fittings stainless steel

Fittings are intermediate parts of high pressure and temperature resistance for the connection of piping systems. They must be made of a high quality, corrosion resistant stainless steel for this long term purpose. The technical properties of the fittings include the ability to weld, a wide range of standardized applications and a long service life when passing gases or liquids. Depending on the intended application specification, stainless steel allowable upper limits for pressure and temperature as well as flow rate apply. We are constantly expanding our range of threaded fittings. Whether elbows, fittings or hose nozzles, all our threaded fittings are made of stainless steel ASI 316 and are characterized by high corrosion resistance.

Applications for V4A ASI 316 fittings

Threaded fittings Stainless steel are used in industry and in home installations. Here, the pressure and temperature resistance of the stainless steel used for decades an advantage. Since we only sell fittings to industry standards, you as a private user can be sure that you will receive only the best quality. Pipe systems can be connected and constructed with the help of these connectors even in complicated space or installation situations meaningful. Especially in such systems, where the individual piping components should be separable, our quality fittings are available.

Advantages of stainless steel fittings

High corrosion resistance
ASI 316 stainless steel
Precision molded parts with CNC milled threads according to ISO 7/1
Manufacturing according to industry standard ISO 4144
Advantages of GWT technology

We draw our experience from over 30 years of experience in the field of industrial quality fittings.

All our customers, whether large or private, receive the same high quality! Since we as wholesalers bring along the know-how that many online shops do not have, we are always the right partner for all types of fittings

Stainless steel fittings in the quality described can be used for almost all common flow-through materials in liquid and gaseous state. They can withstand pressure and temperature fluctuations in a wide tolerance range permanently without quality deterioration or leaks. In addition, there is a very good price / performance ratio of threaded fittings stainless steel both in small quantities and large contingents. The accuracy of fit of the various thread sizes and diameters is compatible with almost all common pipe standards. Likewise, stainless steel fittings are readily available at all times, because stainless steel of this quality is used in large numbers throughout industry and craft and thus the manufacturers provide equally large quantities.

Stainless steel threaded fitting - V4A fitting

Stainless Steel Threaded Fittings - High quality for industry, trade and home users. Our stainless steel threaded fittings made of AISI 316 / WNr. 1.4408 are manufactured according to DVGW standard and are suitable for Trinwasser-Hausinstallationen, as well as industrial installations. The V4A fittings are made of a chromium-nickel-molybdenum steel and have a very high corrosion resistance. Further information can be found under DIN / EN 1.4408.

Areas of application include heating construction, garden installations, compressed air lines, industrial plants, air lines, the automotive industry, etc.

Stainless steel threaded fittings with pipe thread are not self-sealing, therefore we recommend our Tefonband (DVGW) or sealing hemp. Our fittings do not need to be sealed in the inner thread because it is a conical thread.

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