PVC-U bows for your Pool Piping

PVC elbow pipe elbow 90 degree pool piping

PVC-U Bends made of injection molded / drawn from tube

Especially in pond construction and in low-pressure systems in PVC pipe construction, PVC sheets are preferred when changing direction. The PVC-U bends have a significantly lower flow loss than their related components the PVC angle.

The elongated design allows the fluid to flow through your pipeline faster and with less turbulence. The arches are available in different angles of inclination, such as 45 degree arches and 90 degree arcs. On the other hand, you can get the sheets from injection molding. These start from the size 32mm up to 110mm. The injection-molded sheets are of higher quality because they are injection molded from solid material as are most other fittings. The bow made of pipe is available in sizes from 16mm to 75mm. These are used especially in the pond and garden landscaping.

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