Pool backwash system PVC sight glass

Pool backwash glass AquaPro Expedio

If you have a pool then you know that you have to backwash your sand filter regularly. Do you still use the method of running the water into a bucket and waiting for the filter to clear? This method is very inconvenient and often causes wet feet. Connect your sand filter directly to the canal system. You wonder how you can check if the water is free of suspended matter?

Pool sight glass - The sight line for your pool piping

Simply mount one of our PVC sight glasses directly behind the sand filter. This system is available in different versions. The most suitable is the PVC sight glass with screw connections, because you can remove this at any time for maintenance purposes. So if you backwash your sand filter system - you can now check through the transparent sight glass at any time whether the sand filter is already free again.

We offer the sight glasses in different diameters, so that you can choose the right sight glass for every system. Use the backwash glass for your pool piping now.  Talk to us! We also offer special solutions which can be planned freely. The maximum length of a sight glass can be up to one meter. Order now online from the specialist for pool piping for over 18 years - GWT Versandhandel.

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