PVC-U piping material for pools

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PVC Fittings - The solution for your pool piping.

Fittings are available in different materials. But not all of them meet the requirements of a pool. PVC-U is a cheap raw material from which our fittings are made of PVC. The material is particularly resistant to chlorinated water and has a particularly long life. Quality is always the most important thing for us - that is why we use only PVC-U fittings from the European Union for your pool piping. These comply with all standards for material composition and drinking water suitability. Companies like Plimat, Plimex, Cepex, Hidroten have been specialized in manufacturing PVC products for years.

The technical know-how of the manufacturers together with over 18 years of experience in piping systems of the company GWT Technik, we are your partner on the subject of how to pipe my pool properly. Since we are not a pure pool store, but our specialty lies in the piping of pools we offer you all the important components. We also deliver Poolflex and PVC pipe to your doorstep. GWT Versandhandel - The specialist for pool connection To make it even easier for you, we have prepared the topic of pool piping for you and have compiled all the important information for you. Read in the following sections everything about the topic of pool piping instructions.

What are the most important components of pool piping?

Are you currently planning your pool? Then you have come to the right place! Here you will learn what is important for the piping of your pool. With us you will learn which PVC pipes you need, but also the matching PVC fittings you need in any case to connect your pool pump.

PVC ball valve is the control unit in your pool piping system. Keep full control over your pool piping - control suction and pressure behavior of your pool pump. We only supply high tech ball valves for pools that ensure trouble-free operation. Discover our PVC ball valve now!

Bypass Pool - In pool piping, the pump is like a heart that constantly supplies your pool with fresh water. However, sometimes it is necessary to supply additional elements such as our solar pool heater. Learn more about our pool bypass kits here.

Our PVC check valve is an essential part of any pool piping system - it prevents for example the suction line from running empty when the pump is switched off.
But our pool check valves offer even more - In the Diamant Edt. Keep the full view thanks to the transparent viewing section. Also the FlowVIS system will surprise you - It serves not only as a check valve in your pool piping but also as a flow meter! You can read all about our check valves here!

With the tees 45 degrees you reduce turbulence and flow losses in your piping. The service life of your pool piping is significantly extended since especially in the elbows particularly many flows can occur. In connection with dirt particles in the water, the pipe system thus suffers additionally. Therefore, use our PVC tees in the 45 degree version. We also have PVC elbows 45 degrees and PVC bends for the best pool piping.

Pool piping 50 mm - with Our PVC pipe your piping is installed quickly and inexpensively. We usually recommend 50mm or 63mm PVC pipes for your pool. For particularly easy installation, we offer you convenient meter pieces. These are particularly easy to process and glue. Our PVC pipes can be found here we offer as PVC pipe gray and PVC pipe transparent. Further down there are more details for you on the topic: Which pipe size should I use for my pool?

Pool hose or flex hose is an extruded PVC hose with a reinforcing spiral. Flex hose is more suitable for professional pools than pool hose 32mm or pool hose 38mm. The advantage is the smooth inner surface, which provides a much better flow than the cheap pool hoses. In addition, our Poolflex hose can be glued to all our PVC fittings and plastic PVC ball valves. The spiral ensures that you can also use this for your pool piping underground. More about Poolflex you can find here. Order the matching PVC long sleeves for a particularly stable connection! You want quality and a hose that does not deteriorate after a short time? Then choose Poolflex.

PVC pipe, pool flex or pool hose?

You can solve the piping of your pool with different approaches. It also depends on whether you want to install your pool permanently or if it is only for the warm summer months. Here we give you a small overview of the advantages and disadvantages
  • Swimming pool hose / solar hose (rather for installation pools)
    • Frost formation in the grooves of the floating hose (In winter, completely dismantle and store frost-proof)
    • Laying above ground (if underground then lead through stable empty pipe)
    • strong loss of flow
  • PVC Poolflex hose and PVC pipe
    • less frictional resistance due to smooth interior
    • stable and robust
    • ideal for long distances
  • PVC pipe 
    • pressure resistance up to 10 bar
    • Ideal for wall mounting
    • Many different diameters available

Pool piping with Poolflex or PVC pipe?

In principle, piping with Poolflex is of course particularly easy. You can lay long distances in one piece without having to glue or branch off. You should always lay the Poolflex in a sand bed and let it harden properly after bonding with the fittings made of PVC before you seal the soil again. In the technical shaft of your pools, however, we recommend the fixed piping with PVC pipe. It is a good idea here to screw the pipes directly to the wall using the PP pipe clamps. In this way, you can achieve a neat piping management with a few simple steps. The PVC pipe is also easily glued with the PVC-U fittings, but you should always clean the fitting and the pipe in the places to be glued beforehand.

Cleaning and maintenance of your pool system

Summer is here and the beautiful clear water of your pool is just waiting for you to dive in! But with swimming comes debris in the water like sunscreen residue, leaves and other dirt particles. Circulating your pool is a must to ensure a clear water surface permanently. Install a skimmer to clean the upper third of the pool and suck in debris. How many skimmers you need depends on the size of your pool. For an overall better water mixing or cleaning of the surface, arrange two to three inlet nozzles opposite the skimmer. This will create water movement in the lower part of the pool. The dirt particles, after being sucked in by the skimmer, are pumped towards the filter system. So that your water quality does not suffer from this, you have of course the heart of your pool piping the sand filter. Now, of course, this cannot hold an unlimited amount of dirt from the water.

PVC sight glass - backwash glass

The sand filter system in your pool piping picks up the dirt particles from your pool water. If you measure the pressure on the pump over a few days you will notice that it increases slightly. This is a sign that you should backwash your filter system. This is where our transparent sight glasses (backwash glass) come in handy. Flush your filter until the water flows through it clearly again. This process can take up to one minute, depending on the degree of contamination. The water flows from the sand filter directly into the sewer system. You should be careful that the pressure in the filter system does not get too high, this can cause permanent damage to your filter system.

How do I improve my circulation?

Support the circulation with the help of a floor drain. The suction of the bottom drain should be about half that of the skimmer. The floor drain is used to assist in the circulation of your pool. Here, the correct dimensioning of your pipe system is essential. If the piping is too small, the flow speed will increase and this can cause damage to your pool pump.


Plan the diameter of your pool piping from the beginning. Manufacturer recommendation for dimensioning your pool piping

Pumpleistung m³/h

5 m³/h 8 m³/h 11 m³/h 15 m³/h 20 m³/h
Durchmesser Saugleitung 50mm 50mm 63mm 63mm 75mm
Durchmesser Druckleitung 50mm 50mm 50mm 63mm 63mm

Sizing your pool piping correctly can save you money. If the piping is the right diameter, your filtration system can work without any extra effort. This will save you a lot of energy costs. The suction side should always be planned larger. A larger pipe means more volume at lower pressure.

Since the sand filter systems can better press than suck, you should not save here in the wrong place! It is better to use the larger PVC pipe on the suction side. Equally important is of course the pressure side. When selecting your inlet nozzles, make sure that they also receive the necessary amount of water. If you have all skimmers, inlet nozzles and pool piping matched to your filter, you will have less to do with the maintenance of your pool and have more time for relaxation in the water.