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Installation needs suitable tool!

Specially tailored to the requirements of plastic piping systems, we offer you various tools to make the installation of your piping as easy as possible.

Our tube and tube cutter is ideally suited for the construction of your pipeline! Whether PE pipe, thin PVC pipes or PVC flexible hose with the special blades you are well equipped.

Just as important as the hose and tube shears, when PE pipes are installed, our PE scraper around the pipe is to deburr the pipe to ensure the tightness when using PE clamp couplings. When installing PE piping systems also helps the mounting key for PP couplings. Hereby the PE clamp connectors can be tightened and your piping system remains tight in the long term.

PE / PP mounting key

This assembly key makes it easier for you to assemble screwed connections immensely. With this tool, the nuts of the screw can be easily tightened and also loosen. For screw connections from 16 to 63 millimeters.

PE / PP deburrer

If you cut PE-HD tubing, you will need to remove the burrs of material for a clean and durable seal. This is best done with our PE / PP deburrer for cordless drills. This slashes the pipe and removes unclean cut edges. This will give you a good result and your piping can be installed.

PE / PP pipe scissors

Our pipe scraper is the top tool for anyone who intends to build a pipe from PE-HD pipe. The simple snap mechanism makes it easier to cut the PE pipe than with a saw. The cutting edge remains clean and you need only a very small amount of force. The pipe cutter cuts PE pipe up to a thickness of 42mm.