Aqua Solaris Ultra SUN LD PE Solar absorber for your pool heater

Pool heater PE LD absorber

Aqua Solaris ULTRA SUN PE LD the hose for your pool heater

Spending a pleasant bath in your pool in summer is a real comfort. So that you do not have to do without the warm water on colder days, there are various possibilities to heat your pool. With our solar absorber tube Aqua Solaris ULTRA SUN we offer you the best solar absorber tube on the market.

The black PD LD tube is particularly good at absorbing solar heat. Use the power of the sun to heat your pool at low cost. You will receive the pipe as a 50 meter roll - this is especially easy to install and not as bulky as a 100 meter roll.

With the help of our collecting pipe system Aqua Solaris Ortatio (collecting pipe for parallel solar absorber lines) and our Aqua Solaris Butterfly (for laying in spiral form).

We have been selling pool piping systems for over 18 years and always pay attention to quality and material composition when selecting components. So this is also a Made in EU product and has all the necessary requirements for optimal water quality. The pool heating absorber hose has already been used thousands of times and is becoming increasingly popular with our customers. 

Garden shower, above ground pool or professional swimming pool - cost savings with solar absorbers

Whether you want to operate a large pool, a professional swimming pool or just a garden shower - well-tempered water is the key to relaxation. Use our pool heater solar to heat your pool environmentally conscious by the sun. Don't forget to think about the pool bypass when integrating your pool heater. On very cold days or days with heavy cloud cover you can turn off your solar absorber hose without problems.

When planning the length of your solar absorber hose you can calculate about 100 - 200 meters per 10,000 liters of water. Do not use more than 50 meters of ULTRA SUN solar hose per line. You can connect several lines in parallel with our manifold systems.

Aqua Solaris ULTRA SUN - The solar absorber that is more than just black hose

The ULTRA SUN absorber hose has a particularly good thermal conductivity and absorbs more solar energy than normal hoses. 

Product features:
UV resistant
1,5mm wall thickness for very efficient absorption of solar energy
Pressure resistant up to PN6
Can be left outside in winter (without water)
Alkaline, chlorinated water resistant

Planning sizes for your solar absorber pool heater

(pool max. 8m³) Total size up to 100 meters Flow rate approx. 2m³ / hour
(pool max. 12m³) total size up to 200 meters flow rate approx. 3m³ / hour
(pool max. 20m³) Total size up to 300 meters Delivery rate approx. 4m³ / hour
(pool max. 30m³) Total size up to 400 meters Delivery rate approx. 6m³ / hour
(pool max. 35m³) Total size up to 500 meters Delivery rate approx. 7m³ / hour
(pool max. 40m³) Total size up to 600 meters Delivery rate approx. 8m³ / hour
(pool max. 50m³) Total size up to 800 meters Delivery rate approx. 10m³ / hour


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