PVC-U tee 45 degrees

PVC tee 45 degrees

PVC-U angle 90 degrees reduces adhesive sleeve x adhesive sleeve

PVC-U T-piece 45 degrees on both sides with adhesive sleeve
PVC tees 45 degrees with different connection variants - flexibility & easy processing. The dimensions of this product are based on the internal dimensions in millimeters. The thread sizes indicated are a Whitworth pipe thread - here the dimension refers to the internal or external thread.

In pipelines you often need in addition to the main line different outlets for irrigation lines or additional Abwzeigungen for water pipes. If the outlet is to be at a 45 degree angle to the pipe, then our PVC T-piece is the ideal component. Use our filter function on the left edge of the screen to quickly and easily access your product. Are you looking for another product? Just reset filters and you can start a new search. Looking for a different product? Just click in a category and follow the product filter.

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PVC T-piece 45 degree adhesive sleeve x adhesive sleeve

Our selection of PVC tees offers a variety of possible installation applications. So we have not only reduced the T-piece with triple adhesive sleeve, but also T-pieces, with adhesive sleeves and internal thread outlet. Can not find a variant? Do not hesitate and contact us, we are happy to add new items for you in our range.
  • PVC T-piece 45 Degree Adhesive sleeve x Adhesive sleeve x Adhesive sleeve
No matter which T outlet you choose, do not forget to treat the adhesive sockets with PVC cleaner before bonding the fittings and pipes together.