Hose nozzles ABS / PVC for your Poolpiping

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ABS & PVC-U hose nozzles

In this category you will find our ABS and PVC-U hose nozzles in different sizes and connection variants.

ABS Schlauchtülle weiß 32/38 x 1 1/2 Zoll AG mit Dichtring
Hose nozzle white 32 / 38mm x 50mm nozzle - pool & swimming pool accessories.
1,99 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
ABS hose nozzle white 32 x 38mm - hose connection
Hose nozzle white 32 x 38mm as connector of a hose - Suitable for pool and swimming pool.
1,69 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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ABS hose nozzle for pool piping

High quality ABS hose nozzles and hose connectors for your pool system.

Quickly and easily connect your hoses to the pool system. 

Put the ABS hose nozzles in 50mmx38mm or 50mmx32mm ideal in connection with your pool hose blue or your solar hose. 
Our pool hose nozzles are ideally suited and specially designed for your pool piping. Reach now at the specialized dealer for pool piping - GWT Versandhandel. 

Available in many different variants, there is the hose nozzle made of ABS plastic to connect for your pool hoses in the following designs: 
  • ABS hose nozzle as double nozzle
  • ABS hose nozzle as spigot 
  • ABS hose nozzle with external thread 

To guarantee a particularly reliable hold, use the barbs on the grommet. 
The hose grommets made of high-quality plastic should be tightly enclosed up to the stop, so that it does not drip with your hose connection. 

Additionally, you can use hose clamps to further strengthen the connection with the hose. 

To ensure the perfect hold of your ABS hose nozzle with PVC fittings, please use our special HT Plus Hybrid pool adhesives.