Gate Valves Stainless Steel V4A

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Your system firmly under control - brass gate valves

Gate valves are used in piping systems to control flow. Unlike a ball valve, you can adjust the flow rate much more precisely. This is used, for example, in heating systems to turn individual parts of the pipeline "open" or "closed" or to control the flow rate.
Thus, the V4A sleeve valve offers the possibility to manually adjust your piping system and precisely control the flow volume of your fluid or gas.

Even in environments where you have little space for the installation of the valve, the stainless steel gate valve is the right component and convinces with its stable design with a small footprint. With the red adjusting wheel, you can move the shut-off wedge downwards within the component with millimeter precision, thus closing it.

Pipe installation in heating systems - The socket gate valve

Gate valves made of V4A stainless steel are often used in heating and plumbing systems. They are used for this purpose, for example, to be able to perform maintenance work on your system.
We recommend that you fully open and close the brass valve approximately once every 6-10 months to ensure the functionality of the gate valve.
You open the shut-off valve by turning the adjusting wheel clockwise. To close it, simply turn the wheel counterclockwise. So you don't have to remember this, the adjusting wheel is labeled with the "open" and "closed" position at the top.

Stainless steel sleeve gate valve in shipbuilding

You can also use our stainless steel gate valves in shipbuilding, because by using V4A stainless steel, we have a very high protection against corrosion. You can use all of our V4A stainless steel products for shipyard applications.
Since we only use high quality raw materials, you can expect a long product life and also the CNC milled threads are particularly accurate and allow for easy installation.

Technical Data

  • Sizes available from 1/2 inch to 1 1/4 inch
  • DIN ISO 1/2 - 1 1/4
  • Inlet liquid and gaseous and suitable for drinking water
  • Connection variant female thread on both sides (IG x IG)
  • V4A stainless steel 1.4408 AISI 316