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Here you can get different diameters and lengths of the transparent PVC-U pressure tube. The pressure pipe can be bonded with all PVC-U fittings and fittings available from us.

Our PVC-U Pipe Transparent speaks the following quality characteristics:
  • PVC pipe Transparent according to DIN 8082, as well as ISO standard.
  • High-quality PVC-U pressure tube from the brand manufacturer
  • The pipe can be glued with all our PVC-U fittings / fittings

Are you looking for a specific product? Select the product filter on the left side of the screen. First select the outer diameter of the pipe and then the desired length. Following you will see the product you need.

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Our PVC tube in the color transparent is a real all-rounder. Its visually attractive appearance and versatile application options make the pressure pipe more than just a water pipe. Regardless of whether in plant construction, in industry or aerospace technology, due to its high resistance to alkalis and acids, the PVC-U pressure line offers a wide range of applications.

Especially in the aquarium, the transparent PVC pressure tube is very popular. Here it is often used as a sight and sight glass. Also in the seawater aquaristics these tubes are very popular. The PVC-U pipe is ideal for DIY - Do it Yourself - and offers a lot of possibilities. The tube can also be heated with a hot air blower and can be bent (Caution: Burning may occur here quickly, as product properties may be impaired by bending)

We also offer ready made PVC blown glasses with different connection possibilities. These products can be found here

The PVC-U pipes are easy to process, just as you would expect from PVC-U pressure pipe systems! For bonding, simply use the PVC-U cleaner and the PVC-U adhesive and adhere to the bonding instructions. Through our fast and cheap online shipping, you will receive the goods within a few days.

PVC-U Pressure Tube Transparent - Transparent Tube
Our pipes have the standard dimensions of 100cm and 1 meter respectively. In addition, you will receive the special size 50cm! Especially if you only need small amounts of pipe, this order quantity is ideal. (Pipe dimensions may vary +/- 0.5cm due to cutting)

The maximum operating pressure of the transparent tube is 10 bar, the application range is from -10 ° C to + 45 ° C, short-term, a temperature of up to 60 ° C is possible. The material used is PVC-U, a plasticizer-free rigid PVC. Due to manufacturing and delivery, the pipe may have slight scratches or streaks.

The transparent tube can be glued easily with fittings from the PVC-U series. You can glue all forms (angle, sleeve, T-piece, ball valve, etc.) with the transparent pressure tube. Take one of our PVC-U adhesives, as well as the appropriate cleaner.