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Pool cleaning

Play, fun and relaxation - that's what a summer day in the pool would describe. In order to enjoy the clear and fresh water for a long time, you should clean the pool walls as well as the pool floor in addition to cleaning the pool with your filter. Of course, you can also use a cleaning robot to keep your pool walls always nice and clean and free of algae. However, this is not particularly resource-conserving and the purchase of a cleaning robot it is very expensive.

Use our algae sponges, floor cleaning brushes or our corner brushes to keep your pool. The mechanical cleaning with the bristles of the cleaning brush is particularly gentle and at the same time a good workout. Simply attach our cleaning sponges to your telescopic pole so you can reach deeper points in your pool.

Clean your pool with the algae sponge - The algae sponge

is the most gentle way to clean your pool walls quickly and easily. The high-tech fabric does not cause scratches and is still very absorbent for dirt. Especially easy to use due to the handle, large areas can be cleaned quickly and easily.

Cleaning the pool floor - the floor brush

You want to clean your pool floor quickly and easily? The easiest way to do this is with the floor brush. We have these in different designs.
The especially sturdy floor brush with V4A reinforcement is particularly well suited for permanent use.

The Deluxe floor cleaner is also inexpensive and can even reach the corners of your pool. You can even use the Deluxe floor cleaner as a pool vacuum cleaner - simply connect the floor cleaner to your sand filter. All our wall and floor brushes can be connected to any standard telescopic pole. Some models can also be connected to your sand filter.

Swimming pool wall brush & floor brush 45cm
Swimming Pool Wall Brush & Floor Brush 45cm - Pool & Swimming Pool Accessories
7,03 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
Pool wall brush & floor brush with aluminum reinforcement
Swimming pool wall brush & floor brush with aluminum reinforcement.
13,32 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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