PVC-U Y-pieces & Y-bows

Y-branch PVC pipe Y-piece pool piping

PVC-U Y-bends and Y-pieces with adhesive sleeve

Our PVC Y-pieces and bends as well as high quality PVC-U are system components from the PVC Fittings series. These components serve as 3-way distributors. Both the variant as a bow and the variant as a Y-piece - both have three equally sized adhesive sleeves. The dimensions of these products refer to the inner diameter.

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3-Way Distributor System - Our PVC Y-pieces and bends

We offer here the high-quality processed Y pieces and Y sheets from the Plimat. These are characterized by their precisely crafted adhesive sleeves. They serve to go from one way (line) to 2 forks or to reduce 2 lines to one.

The following products can be found in this category:
  • PVC Y-piece Adhesive socket x Adhesive socket x Adhesive socket
  • PVC Y-Bolt Adhesive Socket x Adhesive Socket x Adhesive Socket
Like all our PVC fittings and fittings, you should treat them with PVC-U Cleaner prior to bonding and then join the fittings & pipes in accordance with the Adhesive Ordinance.