Collecting pipes for solar absorber systems

Pool heating manifold

Solar heating pool Aqua Solaris

We offer you different collector pipe systems. Basically you have two options when planning your solar absorber system for your pool.

Variant one is to lay out a spiral of the Ultra SUN LD PE absorber hose. Here between 25 meters and 50 meters per circuit are recommended. 

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Pool Heating System Aqua Solaris

What could be better than jumping into the clear, warm water on a summer's day and enjoying the day in the pool?

Unfortunately, there are also days when the pool water is not at the right temperature and the relaxation factor is not the desired one. To use your pool also on colder days there are different possibilities to heat your pool water. Since we attach great importance to resource conservation and environmental protection, we have developed the pool solar absorber set Aqua Solaris. The system consists of the Aqua Solaris Ultra Sun LDPE solar absorber which you receive in rolls and the practical collection pipe system Aqua Solaris Oratio or the Aqua Solaris Butterfly. The two systems allow you to install your pool heater in different ways.


Solar heating pool Aqua Solaris Oratio - The collector

The collector pipe system Aqua Solaris Oratio is especially suitable for parallel installation. The Oratio collector pipe has 6 connections for the Ultra Sun LD PE solar absorber hose.

The exciting thing? This pool heater can be operated with single or multiple heating stages. Connect the manifold in series and you can cover a large area with the solar absorber quickly and very economically. The length of a heating line should not exceed 50m. However, you also have the option to order additional collector pipes and then connect the pipes in series as shown in Figure 1. This way you can achieve a longer heating interval for your pool water even on shorter distances.


Solar heating pool Aqua Solaris Limax- The heating screw

The Aqua Solaris Limax manifold system is completely different. In this set, the pipes are not laid parallel next to each other, but are arranged in a snail shape. It is possible to connect several augers one after the other. However, the total length of a single LD PE pipe string should not exceed 50m. Always pay attention to the performance characteristics of your pump. The advantage of this system is that you achieve a lot of absorber surface on a small area.

With both installation variants, most are able to build their own pool solar heating at low cost.

Pool heater solar - Limax an example of installation on your garage

In this installation example you can see the use of the Limax system. The heating screws are arranged one above the other. The diameter of the circle should be 110cm for a 50m roll. 
Always connect 2x 50m together and position the inlet and outlet on top of each other as shown in the picture.