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Brass Ball Outlet Valve, Brass Ball Valve, Brass Garden Outlet Valve,KFE

In this category you will find Our ball valves (also called stop valve or socket ball valve) made of high quality brass.
These valves are used in every field of heating and sanitary engineering or in water technology. They also find their use in compressed air lines.
Whenever you want to continuously regulate the flow rate of your water circuit, for example, a ball valve or shut-off valve is used.
Although the valves differ only slightly in design, it is particularly important to pay attention to the correct design in order to select the right valve for your construction project or water system.

Our MS ball valve or shut-off valve is available in different designs:
  • Brass ball outlet valve in heavy duty AG design.
  • Brass garden outlet valve AG
  • Brass KFE ball valve nickel plated +cap with grommet AG
  • Brass ball valve steel handle red with IT x IT and IT x AG
  • Brass ball valve DVGW with IT x IT and IT x AG
  • Brass mini ball valve DVGW IG x IG and IG x AG
  • *AG = external thread *IG = internal thread
Browse our individual product categories and find the right ball valve for your construction project.

The ball outlet valve - industrial quality for everyone

The heavy-duty version of the garden outlet valve with a particularly robust body and stable construction.
This industrial faucet is especially suitable for large installations.

The garden outlet tap - The reliable little friend for your garden

To keep your hands as dry as possible while gardening,
Is the garden water tap made of brass equipped with a rubber sealing ring.
This compresses the hose nozzle on the union nut, which holds the nozzle on the external thread of the faucet. The component is equipped with a red lever handle for efficient power transmission

Turn the handle 90° clockwise to fully open the faucet and allow flow.
Made of high quality brass, this compact outdoor faucet is just the right part for your garden project.

The brass KFE ball valve with cap and spout.

Boiler Fill and Drain Valve finds its use mainly in draining or filling containers such as a boiler but also in heating systems.

Brass ball valve steel handle red

Stepless regulation of the flow rate is performed in this version of the ball valve with the red handle. The steel handle has a plastic coating in red. With no reduction inside, the brass ball valve guarantees the lowest flow loss with full passage.

Brass DVGW Ball Valve and Mini Ball Valve

This is the only ball valve with drinking water certification.
The proliferation and formation of bacteria are avoided in this ball valve due to its special design.
Its green wing handle makes it especially space-saving.

Technical details:

  • Brass ball valve, ball outlet valve, garden outlet valve, KFE.
  • Sizes from 1/2 inch to 2 inch
  • Brass CW617N drinking water certified
  • Withworth pipe thread