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Brass fittings

GWT Versandhandel the Onlineshop for Brass Fittings. We have a large selection of fittings, these are generally used as connectors in piping.

Brass Fitting Catalog

Use our new catalog function to get even faster to your desired product. Simply search through the filter for size or product type and you will see all available products. Search z.b. Brass Fitting 1/2 inch? Then just select the size half inch in the product filter. This also works in other sizes like brass fitting 1 1 4 inches. You can also search directly for a product such as T-piece in the selection filter.

Brass a strong piece of metal

Brass is an alloy of different metals. Long before there were fittings made of brass, a new metal was created from the raw materials copper and zinc, namely brass. The metal is not only attractive in its appearance, but also durable and very robust against environmental influences. In our online shop you will find only high-quality fittings and brass pipes that can not only find space in your bathroom due to their high-quality design but also provide elegance in the furniture industry. But also in many kitchens today you will find brass fittings the z.b. for wall shelves, bar tables and other design objects.

Quality brass

If you are looking for high quality brass screwed fittings, you should always pay attention to quality. Thus, we only offer products from manufacturers that withstand common industry and sanitary standards. The advantages of brass are obvious, because as a pipe it has a long life and a good water quality. This is reflected z.b. In a low susceptibility to corrosion and in a low expansion factor again. This is taken into account, among other things, the heating and sanitary technology, as brass pipes are also used here as a hot water pipe.

Brass piping

Application areas of brass piping in many areas. In heating systems and in the sanitary sector, you should choose high-quality fittings made of brass. As a partner of manufacturers such as Sobime SA, Bruse or Puteus, we offer you a large selection of high-end products in the high end sector. You can use our brass products for heating water but also in irrigation technology. Even in extinguishing water systems our fittings offer the best conditions for a long service life of the pipe system.

Where are brass fittings needed?

Fittings are components made of different materials such as brass. They offer the possibility of adapting to the local conditions when constructing a pipeline. Thus, obstacles such as wall skips can be easily overcome with 90 degree brass angles and some other components such as pipe nipples.

How to build a brass pipe branch?

Sometimes it is necessary to build a brass branch pipe. This is easier done than you might think. Benefits such as The brass T-piece to install another pipe or drain point like a ball valve. You can also use a brass cross piece if you need more than one branch. But you can also mount measuring instruments such as a pressure gauge on a T-piece.

Create releasable connections

You are planning a brass pipeline? Do not forget to include non-detachable connections in your system. You can use these later for expansion or maintenance. We offer you for this purpose a screwing brass. You can get these with female thread x female thread or as female thread x male thread, as well as in different inch sizes.

Seal water pipe properly

If you are building a brass water pipe threaded fitting, it is important to seal it. We offer you various sealants such as Teflon tape DVGW, thread sealing thread, as well as the proven method of broaching threads. For this we have the high quality products Neo Fermit thread sealing paste and hemp as a 200g braid in the assortment. The products in our shop are suitable for a maximum operating pressure of up to 16 bar.

Drinking Water Ordinance Brass threaded fittings

The brass fittings from our product range are standardized according to DIN 2999. In addition, we only have manufacturers in the product range that comply with the current drinking water regulations such as DVGW or WRAS. This is not only an important quality feature but should be one of your purchasing criteria. Because our products have been tested and are even used in industry.

Change of direction of pipelines

There are many ways to solve different challenges in pipe construction with brass fitting. Brass angles are available in inclinations 90 degrees and 45 degrees and are used to change direction. A branch can be loosened with a brass T-piece or a cross piece. For the connection of pipe sections, the use of a brass sleeve is recommended. If you still have open end pieces then you can close them with a brass cap or a brass plug. Also for your garden hose we have matching brass products in our shop like z.b. The brass quick coupling, or even a garden sprayer on offer. Many of our customers are also looking for brass hose nozzles. We have these in different grommet sizes and as an internal thread or external thread variant. Just select the size or directly the product in the filter and you will see all available items. GWT Versandhandel - 15 years of water technology for industry, trade and for you. Of course you will also find other products such as brass ball valves, foot valves or socket valves of the category. Without a long search directly to the product.


Buy Brass Fittings online

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Sobime Germany Partner - brass for highest demands

Sobime is a manufacturer of Brass Fittings and Fittings from Spain. For more than 30 years, the company is already in the production of brass system parts and sanitary fittings in use. In Spain the No. 1 for brass fittings, plumbing fixtures and more.

As a specialist dealer for gas, water and garden technology, we are always on the lookout for new suppliers. Now Sobime finally comes to Germany with us.

Are you a retailer or industrial customer and do you need brass fittings according to DIN standards and current certificates? These fittings comply with all common industry standards and are produced in Europe. Do you need larger quantities? Contact us today - we will gladly make you an offer.