PVC-U ball valve with many connection variants - The Plimex series

Plimex Ball Valve Pool Plumbing

The ball valve with many connection variants our PVC Plimex ball valve series

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PVC ball valve - Plimex series the original from Plimat

Now NEW Our popular Plimex PVC ball valve even more individual design. We have expanded our existing range of products for you and now offer you new product variations.

The following variations of the Plimex ball valve are available:
  • Glue socket x glue socket (sizes from 16mm - 110mm)
  • Adhesive socket x internal thread (sizes from 20mm x 1/2 inch to 63mm x 2 inch)
  • Bonding sleeve x external thread (sizes from 20mm x 1/2 inch to 63mm x 2 inch)
  • Internal thread x internal thread (sizes from 1/2 inch to 2 inch)
  • External thread x external thread (sizes from 1/2 inch to 2 inch)
  • Internal thread x external thread (sizes from 1/2 inch to 2 inch
Use our extended product portfolio now to design your piping system quickly and easily.

Our PVC ball valve series Plimex are very good stop valves to regulate the flow of water. The valves are suitable for example for the construction of swimming pools, ponds, stables or irrigation. Please seal the ball valves with internal thread with Teflon tape, hemp or sealing thread. The seals of the valves are made of EPDM and are resistant to temperatures from -5° to + 40° C.

PVC ball valve: The water flows. The quality remains.

As floor covering, record or cable sheathing: polyvinyl chloride - PVC for short - has become an indispensable part of our everyday life. Also in technology, the famous plastic continued its triumphal march a long time ago. No wonder that therefore you can find one or the other PVC ball valve in our online store. Thanks to the optimal chemical properties of your PVC ball valve, you can be sure of a reliable and durable use in your pipe system. Because no matter whether extreme temperatures, impurities in waste water or strong solar radiation - your PVC ball valve is hard-wearing and undemanding. The advantage for you: frequent maintenance is now a thing of the past.

Cleverly control the water flow thanks to PVC ball valve
In principle applies in pipe systems: The so-called fittings are the components that are responsible for water regulation. The PVC ball valve performs a special function in this respect, as it continuously shuts off the line in a closed pipe system. The trick: The shut-off is guaranteed by a ball in the PVC ball valve, which performs a quarter turn for this purpose. This results in only a few power losses - advantageous for saving water.

Every PVC ball valve in our range is not only ideal for your home, but also for use where large quantities of water flow. Swimming pools, stables, ponds - the PVC ball valve can be installed practically everywhere without any problems. Best of all: Our fittings are generally standardized and can therefore be used in any conventional pipe system. Although the PVC ball valve tolerates temperatures between -5°C and +40°C, you can easily seal the internal thread in case of emergency.

Competent technology including competent service at GWT

Have you ever looked around in our online store? Here you will find all components that are interesting for all kinds of piping systems. Different materials, different components, different designs - we would like to offer you a high quality and at the same time diverse assortment.

Without doubt a classic among them: the PVC ball valve. If you have any further questions about this - or any other - product, please feel free to contact us. You can find our contact details on our website. Have you already made a choice? Then order your PVC ball valve. Very practical: You can arrange the payment process according to your wishes. Your order will arrive within one to three working days. Especially interesting for large customers: From a delivery value of 150€ the shipping costs are omitted. Please ask for special conditions. We will be happy to present you an individual offer for your next project. We are looking forward to an inquiry on your part!