PE ball valve with compression fitting, female or male thread

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PE / PP ball valves to ISO 14236 PN16

With an irrigation line it often happens that the flow has to be regulated. For this application, the PP ball valves were developed. Plimat is one of the leading manufacturers of water system components and impresses with precise processing and versatile application possibilities.

So this ball valve was developed as a trio and is available in just three different variants

PP ball valve on both sides with clamp coupling

PP ball cock clamp coupling x female thread

PP ball valve clamp coupling x external thread
Thus, this ball valve for pure PE lines as well as as a transition piece between, for example, a PVC pipe to be then passed on as PE piping.
Another purpose is for example in the IBC tank container irrigation. Take a look at our section IBC and get suitable ideas.

For the installation of PE system components we recommend the assembly tool which you will find here: Tools

PE ball valve - an application example


The PP ball valve was screwed in this application example in a PE T-piece with 3/4 inch female thread. An advantage of this connection is that you can disconnect the following connecting line from the ball valve at any time. Thanks to the union nut which serves as a screw connection, a very flexible connection variant has been created.

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PP ball valve from GWT: Flexible. Durable. High-quality. Thanks to robust material

No top product without top material - that's for sure. Our PP ball valve is certainly no exception. After all, it is not without reason that polypropylene - the abbreviation PP - stands for the most commonly produced plastic in the world. Its characteristics are simply unique. The functionality of the material is not synonymous with complexity, since water and carbon are the basic ingredients of polypropylene. Incidentally, polypropylene and thus also the PP ball valve defy not only extreme plus or minus degrees, but also the vast majority of alkalis and acids. The reason for the chemical resistance is the comparatively smooth surface of the PP ball valve. This makes the PP ball valve a reliable and safe everyday product that finds its place in every pipe construction.

"Water march!" - this is how the PP ball valve works

Ball valves are one of the standard fittings in a piping system. Its purpose is to control the water flow in a performance system. However, this task can also be accomplished very comfortably, because this only a 90 ° rotation on the closure is necessary - tedious winding or twisting is therefore completely eliminated. In general, your PE ball valve can be integrated into any standard pipe system in no time; thanks to the DIN standardization. For everyday use, for example in the garden, the PE ball valve is therefore ideally suited. But even in heavily used systems, such as in industry, in the sanitary sector or in food technology, the use is no problem.

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