Check Valves made of Stainless Steel with Female Thread

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Stainless steel check valve slanted seat female thread x female thread.

In this category you will find our check valves made of high quality stainless steel AISI 316. The stainless steel check valve is equipped with a spring, which opens from a minimum pressure. 
Non-return systems are used to allow the medium (e.g. water) to pass through in one direction only. When installing, remember that the cone check valve must be installed in the direction of flow. 
For a drip-free connection, also use the appropriate thread sealing material such as thread sealing hemp, PTFE thread sealing tape or Teflon tape. 

Also, make sure that the pipe thread is correctly dimensioned when retrofitting the slanted seat check valve in the suction line. 
Our stainless steel threaded fitting series components are drinking water certified and sized with Whitworth pipe threads. 

Pump off quickly without waiting

Need to water the bed or sprinkle the lawn? 
A water tank like a barrel or even a cistern will provide a reliable supply to water your garden. So when gardening, you can immediately access your media and get started. 
So, to do less harm to your pumping system during short garden work runs, install the check valve to prevent backflow within your piping and immediately access your water medium. 
The V4A check valve guarantees a quick start for your gardening every time. 

Enjoy the water without residue

The introduction of the drinking water regulation 50930-6 ensured that all fittings which are certified for drinking water must contain only a small amount of lead.
Fittings manufactured from V4A meet this standard.

Technical details:

  • Stainless steel check valve slanted seat 
  • NiRo AISI 316 steel 
  • Sizes from 1/2inch to two inches 
  • Withworth pipe thread IGxIG