Brass angle 90 degrees in different variants and connection sizes

Brass Elbow 90 degrees - brass threaded fittings

In this category you will find our brass angle 90 degrees with different connection variants. Our MS angle 90 degrees can be obtained in the following variants:
  • Internal thread x internal thread
  • Internal thread x external thread
  • Internal thread x internal thread + wallboard
You receive products exclusively from certified manufacturers that we regularly audit on various points. For example, material properties, dimensions, thread precision are tested. As a specialized trade in water technology, we only sell Well-known manufacturers.

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What is a brass angle 90 degrees

90 degree brass elbows are used in water technology to "bend" pipes at ninety degree angles. They are available with both internal threads as well as in the variation female thread x external thread.

What does one need a wall bracket for?

A brass wall bracket is a 90 degree angle supplemented by a wallboard. So you have the opportunity to install this component directly on the house wall. This allows you to fasten your brass pipe easily and quickly.

What make brass threaded fittings

Our brass threaded fittings are made of high quality brass. This consists of an alloy of different metals such as copper, zinc and small amounts of other metals.

Where are brass angles used

Our 90 degree brass elbows are used in plant construction, heating and sanitation and in the drinking water sector. Our fittings meet the standards that are put to the drinking water ordinance in Germany.