Brass double pipe nipple

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Brass long nipple male thread x male thread.

Our pipe double nipple, is made of high quality brass CW61N.
This drinking water tested nipple in long version you can use, both in your caravan, as well as in the heating installation or in the water technology.

Extension needed? Pipe nipple the smart solution for distances in the piping system

For example, you are planning to build a new piping system in your bathroom. Often the water pipes are installed under plaster. This is where brass pipe nipples come into play - because the water connection is usually behind the wall. To be able to connect your shower fitting here you need to lead the threaded connection to the outside.

The pipe nipple fulfills exactly this function. Due to the two external threads with the pipe piece in different lengths, these components are suitable for any wall.
Especially when building new water pipes, the brass long nipple is an ideal system component, from the brass threaded fitting series, to extend short distances in your pipeline.
The corrosion resistant material can withstand cold/hot water flow and gas, and even meet the performance requirements of industry and trade.
Don't forget to use a suitable thread sealant such as Teflon tape, PTFE thread sealant thread or classic threaded hemp & Neo Fermit.

Technical details:

Connection variant: male thread on both sides max. pressure 16 bar.
Withworth pipe thread DIN ISO 228
Brass CW61N suitable for drinking water
Suitable for liquid and gaseous media
Sizes from ½ x 40mm to 1 x 100mm available