PP check valve for PE piping systems

PE Rückschlagventil
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PP check valve with clamp coupling

Our PP check valve from the PE piping series is an effective system component. The non-return valve prevents the return flow of your water column with its spring cone. Thus, pump systems do not need to be constantly "poured". The water column remains permanent and costly. Thus, PE pipe, suitable fittings and some components from the PE fittings category can quickly be used to build solar systems for pool heating.

PE piping - irrigation and conveying systems

PP fittings and fittings with clamp couplings are also commonly referred to as "PE Check Valve" rather than PP. All these components are, however, made of polypropylene. The system components are often described as PE fittings and PE fittings because they are used in conjunction with PE pressure pipes.

Installation of a PE check valve

The installation is very simple. In some pictures we bring you closer which work steps are necessary, look also at our PE assembly video. This can be found on YouTube or on the article PE ball valve below in the description.