Messing Kugelhahn

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PVC Gewindemuffe
PVC Fittings Series: PVC Thread Socket F x F - 1/2 Inch / PN10

Werkstoffklasse PVC-U
1,53 EUR
Messing Kugelhahn
Brass Ball Valve with red Steelhandle - 1/2 inch / IG x AG
  • Product: Brass Ball Valve with red Steelhandle
  • Variation: IG x AG
  • Size: 1/2 inch
5,95 EUR
PVC Winkel 90 Grad 50mm
PVC Fittings Series: PVC Elbow 90 Degree GS x GS - 50mm x 50mm / PN16

Werkstoffklasse PVC-U
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PVC Muffe
PVC Fittings Series: PVC Socket GS x GS - 63mm / PN16

Werkstoffklasse PVC-U
1,83 EUR