PVC Winkel 90 Grad

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PVC Muffe
PVC Fittings Series: PVC Transition Socket GS x F - 63mm x 2 Inch / PN10

Werkstoffklasse PVC-U
2,55 EUR
Pool Entleerungsventile
  • Anschlussgrößen Ø50mm und Ø63mm Klebemuffe
  • Verschiedene Ausführungen des Ablassventils
  • inklusive Teflonband
  • T-Stück
  • Winkel 90° mit seitlichem Auslauf
  • Winkel 90° mit Auslauf oben
from 7,96 EUR
2,42 EUR
PTFE thread sealing thread for plastic and metal threads
PTFE thread sealing thread for plastic and metal threads. The thread sealing thread made of PFTW is DVGW drinking water tested and has a length of 175m. Suitable for temperature ranges from -200 degrees C to +240 degrees C.
18,45 EUR
0,11 EUR per 1 Meter
Seal hemp 80g in the dispenser
Seal hemp 80g in a handy dispenser for easier processing. Ideal for mobile use, temperature resistant up to 140 degrees Celsius.
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4,10 EUR per 100g
Hemp plait 200g sealing hemp, sealing flax, thread hemp
Hemp plait 200g by Fermit for threaded connections made of metal. Suitable for sanitary, drinking water, heating and gas installations.
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