PVC Winkel 90 Grad

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PVC Reduction Short - 90 mm x 63 mm / Spigots x Glue Socket
PVC Fittings Series: PVC Reduction Short GS x GS - 90 mm x 63 mm / PN16

Werkstoffklasse PVC-U
2,79 EUR
PVC-U cleaner, PVC cleaner, cleaner for PVC fittings
PVC-U cleaner for PVC fittings and fittings. Before fittings and fittings are glued with adhesive sleeve, they should be pretreated with PVC-U cleaner to ensure maximum adhesion and tightness.
5,10 EUR
PVC T-Piece 90 Degree - 90mm x 90mm x 90mm / GSxGSxGS
PVC Fittings Series: PVC T-Piece 90 Degree GSxGSxGS - 90mm x 90mm x 90mm / PN16

Werkstoffklasse PVC-U
9,57 EUR
PVC Flange DN 80 - 90 mm / PCD 160 mm
PVC Fittings Series: PVC Flange DN 80 PCD 160 mm - 90 mm / PN16

Werkstoffklasse PVC-U
4,86 EUR
PVC Socket - 75mm / Glue Socket x Glue Socket
PVC Fittings Series: PVC Socket GS x GS - 75mm / PN16

Werkstoffklasse PVC-U
3,78 EUR
PVC Pipe Grey 50mm / 1 Meter (+/- 0,5mm) PN10
PVC-U Pressure Pipe 50mm
  • Length: 1 Meter
  • Pressure:: PN10
PVC-U pressure pipe in RAL gray suitable for gluing with PVC fittings
4,05 EUR
4,05 EUR per 1 Meter